Yes we buy the correct licences from the developers to use on websites we manage and build. This service does not break their licence policies or copyright law.

We buy licences in bulk so we get hefty discounts which is benefiting you.

Yes no-one outside of Profs.biz can access your website and you can delete us as a user anytime you want. It is normal for outsourced web developers and maintenance companies to be a user on your website. 

So that we can activate your plugins as well as run daily security and performance checks as well as backups and updates. It is normal for maintenance companies to be an admin user.

We will not take any data from your website nor give third parties access to your website. So yes. 

Send us a request. If enough people want the same one, we will look to adding it.

You can cancel anytime. The service will continue until the end of your payment period. 

If in the rare case your website gets infected or goes down while under our care we will rectify it. The only time we can not is if you host your website with anyone other than Hosting Profs as we will not have access to the hosting.




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